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Your first time with me? Don't worry. I clear your doubts about what you are going to find, how to feel more comfortable and if you can request or discard certain services. It is important that we both feel comfortable, calm and relaxed, be assertive with what you like and what you don't, so don't hesitate to talk to me.


Be punctual, I reserve my time for you, do not be late and if something unforeseen arises let me know, I will understand.


Education is a virtue that attracts me very much. The more respect you show and the more gentleman you are, the calmer I will be and the more affection you will have.


Clairvoyance is not my forte, so I recommend you speak. Ask for that little mouth what you like and ask what I like. Not all the girls do all the services and this does not stop us from being professionals, simply each one decides how far she wants to go.


Cleanliness is essential, and I'm not referring to going slicked up and perfumed. Please, complete washing beforehand, I will always offer you a shower before and after for your hygiene.

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Drugs and alcohol in their proper measure. You are no longer a child to catch those inhuman farts.

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Aggressiveness will end the date automatically.


Can you imagine arguing with a tobacco machine so that it gives you the package before putting coins in it? Please always pay before the service.


Do not negotiate neither the price nor the time, quality has a price, the market is free and you have a lot to choose from.


I have condoms and I use them all the time. Let's not discuss this issue in the appointment because it is not negotiable.


If one day we meet on the street, don't worry, we won't greet each other or anything like that: we've never seen each other, nor do we know each other. I ask you, please, that you do the same, since many of us dedicate ourselves to this profession hidden from our families. For me privacy and discretion are also very important. What we had together will always be our dirty secret.

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In case you got distracted in point 2, we repeat again the importance of communication: the more you talk to me, the more I will be able to know how to make you happy and you how to make me happy. Ask me things like these: What do you like? As you like? Are you okay? I can do this? Do you like me to call you ****? Do you prefer me to go slower?

I hope to see you very soon, take good care of me and I will pamper you as you deserve.

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